Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lights of the Ozarks

Santa's little helper all bundled up and ready to go see the lighting of the Fayetteville Square.
We got this outfit at one of the baby showers...and I LOVE it!
Cozy in the stroller with her bunny.

Braving the chilly temps with mommy.

Watching the parade.
In awe of all the lights.
Still checking out the lights...there are a lot. If you get a chance to visit the
square it's worth it.
The entire family.

Saturday night we busted out the Christmas outfit and headed to the annual lighting of the Fayetteville square. Despite the traffic getting there it was a great time. There were kids everywhere and lots of vendors set up for families...selling glo sticks, hot chocolate, candy, etc. We got there just before the flipped the switch and lit up the sky and stayed to watch part of the parade and by then our little elf was tired and ready to return home. Not to mention the temperatures were dropping. It was a great night to spend as a family...I hope we make there every year as long as we live here. I'm ready to start some family traditions!

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Robin said...

so, how did the girl do on the plane? i know you took pictures of her first plane ride! :0)