Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Hunting Season

Deer season kicked off this weekend so Tom headed to the woods..and although he came home empty handed his little sidekick was waiting in her hunting gear to welcome him home. My dad bought Stella this camo onesie before she was born...and yes there is lace around the neck and on the butt.
Daddy's little girl!
Sweet Kisses!
The duck slippers are from a friend in Oregon..I thought it was appropriate to wear with her hunting gear since we hope the Beavers hunt down the Ducks later this month in the civil war game.
Playing with Mommy while we wait for Mr. Hunter to return home.


Sue said...
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Sarge said...

Can I borrow that chair from Miss Stella when she's done with it? That'd be great for work!

Hunter chic!

Robin said...

so cute!

Amber said...

so cute!! You need to go to my blog and look back at older posts. (the laciandmegan blog, not the business blog) One of my posts has some pictures of the first tutus I did. One of them is a camo tutu with a cute little onesie! check it out!