Friday, November 7, 2008

In Our Sunday Best

Sunday Stella was honored at Tom's parents church, Central United Methodist. As you can see I finally gave in and put a bow in her hair. I think they are so silly that they are cute. As we were getting ready to leave...everyone was dressed ready to go...Miss Stella spit up everywhere. Amazingly she totally missed herself and got it on me. Thank goodness it's all about her anyway because I just grabbed whatever was on the floor and off we went. After the service Stella got this pink carnation from the church...but notice by the time we took pictures she'd lost her bow and socks. It is so great to know there are church members we don't even know praying for our little one. We are so thankful for all the prayers and support!

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addie said...

SO cute, Syd:) She is getting so big, and yet still so small, you know? I forgot about the spitting up!! I used to keep a bib on Emma after I dressed her to go somewhere and kept it on her in the car - she was a total puker. I never caught on and took an extra shirt for MYSELF in the diaper bag... something I will try to remember next time! I wish I had some advice for the bottle or paci!! Hang in there! You all look like you are doing great and really a little family:) Love you!