Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun in Little Rock

This weekend Tom, Stella and I headed to Little Rock for a baby shower...this time honoring Amy Carter...Mommy to Owen, due in December. We had a great time, but little Miss Stella was pooped. She was pretty fussy the entire time and was wiped out Saturday night. We stayed with the Woods and this was Stella's first time to meet the studly and oh-so-cute Chandler.
Amy made all the hostesses scarfs (how fun is that)...I love this picture!
Me and my girl before the party started...I think the room full of women overwhelmed this little one.
Stella was in awe of Chandler...I know you can't see his face here, but you can see that Stella just watched everything he did.

Then they got a little more one on one time Sunday morning before church.
Checking each other out.
Getting a little closer.
Getting even closer...Chandler knew he had to move slow...Stella's daddy was in the room.
And he did it...they're holding hands! How cute!

And after a big weekend of partying and flirting...this was Stella on the way home. She slept the entire way home and then took a long nap (and so did mommy).

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Anonymous said...

8 week pictures????? i wish we had been in town when you guys came last weekend! :(