Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let's Party!!!!

The time has come to get our party on. This picture didn't turn out great,but as you can tell it was a bug theme. I made a catepillar cake and ants on a log and, of course, ordered the real deal from Ricks.
How cute is that!
The birthday girl herself. My mom got her this dress and I thought it was perfect for the "love bug" birthday!
It's hard to get a picture as this stage in her life :)
I love this love bug!
Stella hanging out with Reed. Ok, she was really trying to hit him, but he drove all the way from Little Rock so I wanted there picture.
OOOh presents! She is really into Little People right now.
Opening the cards all by herself!
This is FUN.
A bug BALL and a tutu like you've NEVER seen before!!! Thanks Aunt Lori.
Playing with the loot...notice she is holding tight to a bug.
Can you say this girl is spoiled!
Cake time! This is her own personal "smash" cake.
Not so sure.
Now we're talking.
I think we have a new fan or Ricks Bakery.
Our attempt at a family picture...but I got slimed. Time for a quick bath, so the party can continue!
While we're at it...lets show off the new skirt...I could just eat her up it's so CUTE!
This is her dancing for everyone in it!
This picture is so precious to me. I remember my parents taking a picture of all the kids at my first birthday, so I wanted one with Stella's friends. But it's what this picture doesn't really capture that's a hoot. Stella(1 year) is hitting Trenton(2 and half years) and Amelia(7 months) is hitting Reed(6 months). I guess we should be worried about these aggressive girls!

It was such a great party...thanks to all who helped make it extra special!

Happy Birthday Stella!

I know I'm a day late posting, but we've been BUSY with the BIRTHDAY GIRL! We started her big day with a happy morning and yummy breakfast. Then it was time to hit the stores with Daddy in hopes of finding the PERFECT birthday present.
We struck out at Wal-Mart, but our day wasn't over.
We DID get beautiful flowers from Papa (and Grandma too) so that was a nice surprise!
Then we headed to the doctor for the one year appointment...I know I'm mean..what mother makes her baby get shots on her BIRTHDAY. :)

Anyway...her stats
21 pounds, 50th percentile
27 inches, 60th percentile
and her head is in the 75th we're just growing like crazy. She did great seeing the doctor..and ok with the shots. She screamed a little, but they didn't bother her after that!
Of course, after the doctor the shopping continued...and we found the best present...A TUNNEL!
Stella loves to climb and hide behind things so she loved this toy from daddy and mommy.
And what would be a birthday without a treat from Ricks. Grammie brought over a couple presents and this oh so cute cookie!
As you can see, she dug right in so we let her go to town.

And what Stella didn't finish...daddy snuck a taste...ok he hate a majority of it!
Then we went out for a birthday dinner with the fam...and of course Stella chose daddy's favorite...Red Robin :)
Waiting on the Mac'n Cheese.
And we finished the night with a little birthday song and sunday from the fun folks at Red Robin. It was a great family day.

I can't believe it's been a year. I know most moms say that, but I really got emotional when I thought about this time last year. My life is so much more fulfilling and lively. Stella thank you for loving me unconditionaly and being the most amazing daughter a mommy could ask for!

**I'll post the party pics once she goes asleep...she just woke up again:) it could be a long night.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I CAN'T Believe it!!!!

Stella's first birthday is tomorrow, but I wanted to post these pictures from her party in Oregon.
How awesome does the table mom and I were so happy with the cake and Stella's "smash" cake.
Striking a pose like a true birthday diva!
Yeah it's my birthday.
Cheese'n it up!
This girl loves bugs...she basically dove into this bag. Please notice there was a bug book inside and she loved it.
Oooh what's this?
I wouldn't say she dove in...she just kind of gently touched the icing and tried to share it with others. I don't have more pictures on my camera, but once I get more from my mom I'll post them.
Instant friends. Calleen & Gwen, me & Stella, and Meg with Madelyn and Nora. Both friends are from church growing up.
Strutting her stuff in her new bloomers from Lauren.

I'm so thankful we got to have a party while I was in Oregon so my extended family, ie: great grandparents and aunts and uncles could be there to help celebrate Little Miss.

Of course, there is a party here in Fayetteville too, so check back for all the fun coming soon!!!

Thanks Grandma & Papa for a great party!

Happy Engagement Aunt Lori & Uncle Julian!

This past weekend we celebrated Aunt Lori and Julian. They got engaged in December so it was a good excuse to party!
Stella was trying to steal the show by taking her first steps before we got there...but Aunt Lori looked like a hot tamale so all the attention was on her...AND she deserved it!
Stella and Daddy.
The beautiful set up. The tent was decorated amazingly and the food was fantastic... Stella even enjoyed it!
Wondering what everyone is laughing at.
Lori cracking up at her dad, aka Papa, during his sweet, but very funny speech.
Entertaining the crowd and sending his well wishes.
It was a great night and we are very excited for Aunt Lori and Julian. They are getting married next September and we look forward to all the events leading up to the BIG day!