Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Stella!

I know I'm a day late posting, but we've been BUSY with the BIRTHDAY GIRL! We started her big day with a happy morning and yummy breakfast. Then it was time to hit the stores with Daddy in hopes of finding the PERFECT birthday present.
We struck out at Wal-Mart, but our day wasn't over.
We DID get beautiful flowers from Papa (and Grandma too) so that was a nice surprise!
Then we headed to the doctor for the one year appointment...I know I'm mean..what mother makes her baby get shots on her BIRTHDAY. :)

Anyway...her stats
21 pounds, 50th percentile
27 inches, 60th percentile
and her head is in the 75th we're just growing like crazy. She did great seeing the doctor..and ok with the shots. She screamed a little, but they didn't bother her after that!
Of course, after the doctor the shopping continued...and we found the best present...A TUNNEL!
Stella loves to climb and hide behind things so she loved this toy from daddy and mommy.
And what would be a birthday without a treat from Ricks. Grammie brought over a couple presents and this oh so cute cookie!
As you can see, she dug right in so we let her go to town.

And what Stella didn't finish...daddy snuck a taste...ok he hate a majority of it!
Then we went out for a birthday dinner with the fam...and of course Stella chose daddy's favorite...Red Robin :)
Waiting on the Mac'n Cheese.
And we finished the night with a little birthday song and sunday from the fun folks at Red Robin. It was a great family day.

I can't believe it's been a year. I know most moms say that, but I really got emotional when I thought about this time last year. My life is so much more fulfilling and lively. Stella thank you for loving me unconditionaly and being the most amazing daughter a mommy could ask for!

**I'll post the party pics once she goes asleep...she just woke up again:) it could be a long night.

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