Thursday, September 24, 2009

I CAN'T Believe it!!!!

Stella's first birthday is tomorrow, but I wanted to post these pictures from her party in Oregon.
How awesome does the table mom and I were so happy with the cake and Stella's "smash" cake.
Striking a pose like a true birthday diva!
Yeah it's my birthday.
Cheese'n it up!
This girl loves bugs...she basically dove into this bag. Please notice there was a bug book inside and she loved it.
Oooh what's this?
I wouldn't say she dove in...she just kind of gently touched the icing and tried to share it with others. I don't have more pictures on my camera, but once I get more from my mom I'll post them.
Instant friends. Calleen & Gwen, me & Stella, and Meg with Madelyn and Nora. Both friends are from church growing up.
Strutting her stuff in her new bloomers from Lauren.

I'm so thankful we got to have a party while I was in Oregon so my extended family, ie: great grandparents and aunts and uncles could be there to help celebrate Little Miss.

Of course, there is a party here in Fayetteville too, so check back for all the fun coming soon!!!

Thanks Grandma & Papa for a great party!

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