Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma & Papa

Stella was thrilled to be in Oregon for her Grandma and Papa's birthday...yes they share the same birthday. My grandparents (the great grandparents) took us all out to eat at a family favorite, Country Kitchen, for my parents birthday. Of course I didn't get any good pictures of Stella with the birthday duo, but I loved the shots of her talking to my grandpa.
This is Stella staring down Papa Ernie.
Look at her hold onto my grandma as she listens to my grandpa tease her...he can come off gruff, but is the sweetest guy. I was amazed she never got scared...she can hold her own with Papa Ernie!
And in an effort to win over Papa Ernie (and it worked) Stella flashed her famous smile and she just died laughing! I love this picture and am SOOOOO thankful Stella spent some quality time with her great grandparents, what a treasure!

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