Friday, March 20, 2009

This One is for You Papa!

For those of you that know my Papa Hart then you know he loves to ride his Harley. So of course, I had to break out this onesie he got for me when I was really little and now it's the right size. I decided to put on my shades with the outfit since it's so hip to be a Harley girl. I love you Papa and hope the weather is nice so that you can cruise the streets on your bike. I can't wait until I get to see you again so we can play.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

The other day it was beautiful and Tom got great seats to the Hog baseball game so he picked Stella up at 3 from daycare and off they went on a little father-daugther outing. Last time he took Stella they were on the outskirts and she fell asleep in her car seat...this time it was a little more crowded and she was wide awake. Tom says the first home run the fans went crazy and Stella burst into tears, but then she settled down and took it all in.
Not quite sure what to think about the big crowd and all the noise. Notice Stella is holding on tight to her bunny.
Daddy got really good seats so they sat behind home plate and Stella got to see the batter up close and personal.
As you can tell she's still not quite sure what to think of all the cheering around her.
I met up with them after work and she still looks a little worried, but believe it or not she passed out in my arms and it was a very exciting game. Of course, we dont have a picture of that because the battery on the camera died.
But here's to many more baseball games!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Miss You Grandma!

I know it's almost been a month since Grandma was here to visit, but posting these pictures make us miss her too much so we've put it off, but we finally realized we needed to show off how much fun we had.
I cuddled with Grandma a lot. She was here ten days and we played a lot since mommy and daddy had to work most of the time.
I love it when Grandma makes we laugh.
Grandma told Mommy that I would probably like this toy since it was a favorite of my mommy's and Uncle Beau...boy was she right.

Of course when Grandma was here we did LOTS of shopping even though we weren't supposed to and look at the bows I scored!
I love food so Grandma was ready to fatten me up. We had a big break through when Grandma was here...I drank from a cup. This is huge considering I fight everyone over the bottle, but now I'm even drinking from a bottle.
Please ignore my outfit. I did have a dress over the leggings, but scratched that after the first dirty diaper.

I love you so much. Thanks for playing with me, taking me for walks, babysitting so daddy could take mommy on a date, cooking for mommy and daddy, organizing my clothes, and just being YOU! I love you and can't wait until we get to play again.
Give Papa a hug for me!
Love you,

O Happy Day...The Sun is Finally Out!

Enjoying the backyard with's been awhile since it was sunny an entire 24 hours!
Watching Daddy at work.
Sporting my new spring hat from Grandma and gearing up for a warm/ springlike walk.
Over the last couple weeks there's been a nice day to get outside and play and we've tried to take advantage of each one.
We can't wait for baseball season so we can go catch daddy in action at the Naturals Games!