Monday, December 8, 2008

Go Beavers!

If you know my dad then you know he is the biggest Oregon State Beaver fan there is. SO to say he was excited for the civil war game against the Ducks while his grandkids were in town is an understatement. To give you an idea...he parked his trailer in Corvallis Wednesday (the game was Saturday)...he hit the road with Tom and Beau around 7 the day of the game (kickoff was at 4) and then he glowed the entire day, even after a big loss to the ducks because he was with Stella and Hunter. My dad doesn't like to lose so for him to still be smiling after the beat down the Beavers took says a lot.
Having fun at the tailgater.
Sporting orange and black for her Papa's Beavs.
Beau and Booba heading into the game.
Enjoying the sunny weather before the game. I was able to go to the first half because Stella was taking a nap. My mom stayed with her in the trailer and then she took Hunter to the second half of the game while I hung out with Booba and Court.

Hunter and Papa before the game.

Relaxing after the game.

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