Saturday, December 13, 2008

11 Weeks

It's hard to believe Stella is already 11 weeks. She started daycare this week and did great (it was harder on mom than anyone else). She is now taking a bottle at daycare (but that's about the only place). We're still working on her taking one at home. Now that she's in daycare she gets a lot of time with daddy. I take her in the morning and Tom picks her up after he gets off work (mid-afternoon) so they get some playtime.

Things Stella is doing..
*Sucking hands like crazy
*playing with toys
*sitting in Bumbo seat (sometimes with a little help)
*shopping for Christmas
*Skyping with family in Oregon
*laughing and smiling all the time
*reacting to her mommy and daddy's stories
*loves looking at herself in the mirror
*enjoying bathtime more and loves lotion at night
Stella talking to my dad after her bath.
My dad putting lotion on her (a thing I usually do every night when we're home) before bedtime.

**I've taken more pictures on my camera but have not downloaded them since we've been home (still adjusting to being back at work), so they'll be coming in the future.

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Anonymous said...

new pics? she's 12 weeks now! :)