Friday, December 12, 2008

Office Christmas Party

After a full day at daycare and now a party...this is a lot to take in. But please notice Stella's Christmas dress. She keeps getting these cute holiday dresses, so I'm dressing her in them any time I get...this one is from my aunt, Buela.
Taking it all in with Neile. Stella was asleep when we got there and she probably would've slept the entire time, but everyone wanted to see her so I woke her up. And yes, she was a little fussy, but oh so cute!
For those of you that don't live close by this is the group Tom wakes up with every day. Jason in the meterologist and Kelly is his co-anchor. They really do have a blast together.
**NOTE: I still have several Oregon pictures to post I just haven't had time to download them. These pics are from Kelly's camera so she did the dirty work for me.

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