Friday, November 26, 2010

Montana Part 2

We loved our time in Montana and we tried to get a family Christmas picture, but being the hormonal pregnant woman I am right now I wasn't satisfied with what I looked like, but I just thought this was SUPER cute of Tom and Stella.
Not the best picture, but yes, this is the view from my brother's deck.

Aunt Booba gave Stella her first french braids. I really need to learn how to do this.
Bath time with younger cousin, Sawyer. Hunter did NOT want to share his tubby time, so instead he took showers later.
And since the ladies did so much cooking, the guys actually made us a yummy breakfast one morning.
Here's my brother being dramatic and imitating us saying we need to keep the kids out of the kitchen. he is so fun, but such a dork.

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