Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oregon Part 2

After Montana we still had some time in Oregon with my parents and as you can tell that meant Miss Thang got to go shopping with Papa.
And they hit the jackpot at the Disney store. Stella insisted on carrying her own bag to the car.

We were there for yet another Oregon State tailgater. This time it was civil war...the Beavs verse the Ducks is HUGE in Oregon. Tom got up super early for College Game Day and needed a nap before the game.
Stella chowed down on a burger.

Then a yummy cupcake. The Beavers might've lost, but Stella was well fed :)

Our last day there Stella was attached to Gaga. They made BBQ sauce.

She was very helpful.

Now when ever she sees a bowl in our kitchen she insists it's her turn :)

Taking charge.

Of course after a good dinner Stella cuddled up to my mom for another showing of Cinderella!
Thanks Mom and Dad for an incredible time!
We LOVE you.

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