Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sweet as Sugar

It's FINALLY cookie decorating time. I know most people do this BEFORE Christmas, but Stella wasn't feeling too hot, so we postponed it. And it was super fun. The girls got into it and it held their attention for quite awhile.
Trying to figure out the frosting thing. She got the hang of it.
Amelia putting on the final touches to her first cookie.
The sprinkles were a hit. I think more ended up on the floor then the cookies, but that's why it's fun!
Of course, there was a lot of tasting during the decorating. Cilla wasn't sure about this marshmallow. But if you look at her cookies, she was the queen of sprinkles!
And at the end of the morning...each girl had a plate of cookies to brag about.
If you're looking for a good sugar cookie recipe I posted my friend's recipe here.

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Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I can not believe we were left out! Boo to you, Sydney, boo. to. you! (: