Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A 2 Year Olds Christmas

It was a ROYAL Christmas at our house this year. Since the grandparents seemed to get everything else for her...we & Santa went with the Princess theme. This is what she woke up to at our house. (remember we already took down the tree per allergies)
Of course she LOVED the ball the most and kept telling us who was on her princess ball.

Checking out Ariel..she also got Sleeping Beauty...she's getting quite the collection now.

At first she was confused that there was stuff IN the princess bag. I think she would've been just fine with the bag,ha. Checking out her Belle crown.
Her new camera that she rarely puts down. Notice her Rapunzel dress. She also got a Cinderella necklace and earrings, princess tshirt...you get the point.
Stopping to read about Sleeping Beauty.
We joked that if everything had been wrapped we'd been there all day....one piece of paper at a time.
After a morning at home we ventured over to Grammie and Papas where the BIG present was. Here she is checking out all her food items...but where should she put those?

How about her new KITCHEN! She was a little slow to approach at first but I think it's because we were all excited for her to check it out.

And let the organizing begin.
I have to admit this Christmas was so stinken fun because Stella is at such a fun age. But I was a bit overwhelmed with all my presents, her presents, and Emerson's presents that I didn't get any pictures. We didn't even get a family picture...so sad! But it was a blast.
I've included a little video of Stella playing with her kitchen once we got it home. She was cleaning and singing at the same time!

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