Wednesday, October 20, 2010

THE Playset

It's DONE!
After two weekends, four days and a lot of hours and manpower the little Princess' playset is complete. Can you believe this thing? Can you say SPOILED!
The slide was a big hit right away.

She goes super fast.

Yes! It is very tall, but Stella uses this perch to "spy" on the neighbors.

Pointing at some dogs out back.

Doing a little more spying through her telescope.
She does NOT hesitate to climb up at all. Sometimes mommy and daddy are a little nervous.

And now she has the perfect snack spot outside for her and doggy. It really is awesome and I know it'll be more awesome when Emerson is here and we can't leave because she is napping so I picture SEVERAL hours of fun with Stella this spring out back.
And yes, she loves the swing, but its hard for me to take a picture and push at the same time :)
Thanks Grammie and Papa.

1 comment:

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

That picture of her "spying" and peeking through those two slats of wood is hysterical. She IS going to be such a people watcher! (she already is)