Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Crib is here!!!...FINALLY!

After waiting OVER 12 weeks for this furniture it's finally here. Tom and I can actually walk into Stella's room now and believe that it will one day be more than light pink walls!

I know the bed skirt needs some straightening, but I was just so excited to get this put together these are the pics I have for now. Of course I still can't decide where the bed and dresser will go (excuse the mess on the dresser), but mom gets here this weekend and I know she'll work her magic!

I asked Tom to take pictures of he and his dad putting together the crib and of course it's obvious these were taken after they were done...good actors!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this furniture, sydney! you guys did good! and, it won't be long before there's a little baby girl to put inside the crib!

Lauren said...


The room looks great! So sweet and warm feeling! Now you just need the baby to go along with it! Work on that ok? Riley needs another girlfriend! Love you guys and miss you!