Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ok, I'm fine with a couple snow days and I'm even getting used to my weekly doctors appointments being canceled because of this winter weather, but REALLY!? Please look at the forecast as of this morning. Flurries, that's fine because we can bundle up and still get around town (if they clear the roads) but SNOW...come on people. I'm having a baby in a couple weeks and I've got things to do :)
In the mean time we busted out Stella's new nap mat from Aunt Becky today and we're enjoying another day stuck inside with movies and yummy food.
PS I think Stella is growing because she is an eating machine...I just hope we have enough food to tie her over until we can bust out of here again :)
Oh and I'm hoping to get into my doctor by Friday...I'd like to know if there's any progress. Afterall, it is February and I'm due THIS month!