Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Playdate

After a couple days of entertaining Stella inside and nowhere else ourselves...Tom and I were excited to have Cilla join us for a little bit last night. Yesterday was Cilla's daddy's birthday so we offered to watch Cilla while her parents enjoyed a child-free dinner. Stella and Cilla play really well together and last night was no exception.
It was super funny to build a block tower then knock it over.
They even baked a few things in the kitchen.
They did pretty good at sharing...
but of course there were a couple standoffs. The hot toy...a cow and a horse. We were glad to have Cilla and hope to do it again soon.
Baby update...
I finally got into the doctor today. My normal doctor wasn't working but I did get to see another one. Emerson is still high up there and hasn't dropped, but I am dilated to a 1. It's not much but there's some progress.
Emerson is also measuring a little ahead of schedule (ha, maybe another 10 pound baby is possible). We'll see what next week's appointment tells us. Of course, snow is in the forecast again, so we'll see if I even have an appointment.


Thiyagu.R said...

cute babies... when i saw this photo i felt they are angels baby's


Rebekah said...

Cuties!!! Thanks again friends! Stella is welcome at house anytime you guys want a night out. Maybe this week before Emerson gets here! And after... bring her down in the mornings so you can get some rest! We would love it!