Sunday, October 21, 2012

Emerson Update

 Oh this expression on Miss Emerson says so much about her personality! She is a feisty, independent, cuddle bug (on her terms), load, moody sweet pea. We recently went to the Oregon State tailgater with my parents and she had a blast.
 It was a beautiful day and she got to go into the game with me. She loved the first 10 minutes then passed out in my lap.
 At the tailgater she found an adult drink and was so proud that she got it away from it's owner. Oh help us :)
 Emerson is loving all the parks and slides like her big sister.
 Cheesing it up at breakfast.
 Little Miss On The Go should probably still take a morning nap because she gets up EARLY, but refuses to, so this is how she usually ends up after a couple minutes in the car.
 To say Emerson is into everything is an understatement! Our current living quarters are not very big at all, BUT somehow this girl can disappear and go silent. Recently she's been spotted under the bed and tucked away in the far corner of our closet. Funny girl

And while this spunky one keeps us on our toes and sometimes spikes my blood pressure...I love every minute with her.

She still doesn't say much with words, but her expressions always tell a story. She understands everything we say, so I'm assuming she'll be talking non stop soon in the near future. She still only weighs 22 pounds and has the longest/skinniest little legs. She adores her sister (most of the time) and thinks her daddy hung the moon, I'm pretty sure she likes me, but I'm also the first person she wants to get mad at. We love you sweet Emerson...I can't believe you're already 20 months!

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