Friday, October 19, 2012

Hairy Situation

 For a couple months now we've been talking about cutting Stella's hair. One day she's all for it (that's normally after we brush through it after bath time), but then she goes back to wanting Rapunzel hair. Thanks Disney.
 I know it's a bit stringy and definitely needs a trim, but today when she was really ready to cut it...i started to have cold feet.

 I don't want my sweet 4 year old to look too old!
 Besides combing it...I think it's cute and funny that she ALWAYS has food in these long locks.
 And while it drives me crazy that her hair is always in her face, I love that I can throw it in a ponytail and call it good.
 SO after deciding she wanted to keep it long for Halloween (she's going as Sleeping Beauty) I'm relieved.
 But I know after bath tonight, before bed as I I brush her hair I'll want to make an appointment for the minute we're done trick or treating.
Here's where I need some advice...Stella likes her long hair and so do I but I need some tricks on getting it out of her face. i don't know how to french braid...I need to learn. So, any tips for cute dos? Her hair is super straight and fine, but THICK.

I know it's just hair. I'm having fun with this. Stella normally just wants a clip in it, but i would take any tips :)

FYI, if she wants to cut it we're going to go for an inverted bob. I know it'll be cute.

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Leslie said...

My daughter's hair is a lot like your daughter's. After several cuts, it seemed to lose some of the "fineness" and get a little more body (if that helps give you courage on the cutting :). We French Braid a lot, and when you try it, start with it wet or damp - you can use a spray bottle or even gel. We part Em's hair on the side, then take a thick section from the front and do a regular braid in it, then pull it back into a ponytail. I've lots of little girls here with their hair like that and it gives the front kind of a cute poof. Hope that makes sense.