Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick Update via Washington

 There is SO much I need to catch up on, but here's a quick glimpse. Stella started soccer a few weeks ago at the local community center and for the most part likes it. She's most excited about playing with her best buddy, Piper, and the stamps they get on their hands at the end of practice. She's pretty good, but doesn't like everyone bunching around the ball :)
 When the fair was in town we took advantage of the incredible weather and headed for some fun when daddy was off. It was an incredible fair and the girls had a blast!
 I can't tell you how incredible the weather has been the last couple months. It's abnormal, but we're so thankful. You may call us park hoppers. We are seriously touring the parks throughout Washington!
I'm counting my blessings when it comes to this weather. Our apartment/basement is pretty small so we need to escape often for a little breathing thankful for the parks!
And of course, we're Seahawk fans! Stella is very proud of her shirt and whenever she sees someone wearing team apparel she points out that they're hawk fans too!

So there's a quick update...most via i phone, but I have lots more including Stella's birthday!

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