Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Spoils Stella...BIG TIME

Stella got a new has a string attached and since we've been home she's been pulling it everywhere.
Then she headed to her stocking and found this stackable Snowman...another favorite.
Waiting for more...and believe me...there was more :)
What could be in this big box? Notice her new bee backpack.
Oh my goodness...a beautiful rocking horse. NOw the tags on her gifts said from Santa, but really Grammie and Papa are the ones behind this spoiling fest :)
Stella is so blessed. She had gifts stacked around her and all eyes on her watching her as the wonder filled her eyes as she got new toy after new toy.
Look at the rocking horse...isn't it beautiful? It has new name on it and looks GREAT in her room. And of course, on top of all the other gifts...Stella got more Little People.
Thanks Grammie and Papa for making Christmas so special. We had a great time and we're so blessed to know that Stella is loved by all!

Yes, in case you're wondering everyone else got presents too...but you can't top a car, pony, a piano and little people :)

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