Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stella's First Car!!!!

Yes, I know it's not Christmas yet, but it is at this household. We celebrated Christmas today with Tom's side of the family so we decided to celebrate our "little" family Christmas too...
This reaction is priceless...she had just woken up and turned the corner to find her first CAR!
Stella was in disbelief that Santa left such a fun gift for HER.
"Well, if you're sure this is my car...I'm going to take it for a spin." And of course, you'll notice bunny is along for the ride.
Checking it all out. I love that she still has bed head and looks like she is still trying to wake up.
Honk Honk
After a little bit of driving through the living room she opened some other presents. She kept pulling the tape back then sticking it again, so it took a little while to open some of her presents.
But oh how exciting when she finally got the hang of it...more Little People!

I just love my family so much. We had a good time. Stick around for more posts. Stella got a LOT of fun stuff at Grammie and Papa's.

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