Saturday, December 12, 2009

Future Piano Player?

Don't adjust your computer're seeing it right. Stella has her first PIANO. Aunt Lori is showing her how it works and Stella was in awe.
Uncle Julian pulling out the seat for your future musician. She wasn't quite sure at first, BUT...
in no time she took her seat and began performing. Doesn't she look like she is at an actual recital?
Taking requests.
Getting into it.
Playing some Christmas tunes for us :)
This was a big hit. Aunt Lori is a great piano player and has been counting down the days until she could buy Stella a piano and get her started. Well, this Christmas was the day and Stella LOVES it. What's even funnier is she loves sitting on the bench. It's like she only performs her best if she is sitting.

Thanks Aunt Lori and Uncle Julian...this really is an awesome and fun gift. Lori, I hope she follows in your footsteps.

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