Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Craziness!

Stella reading her new book during the craziness of 25 people opening presents! My grandma, Stella's great grandma, enjoying the scene of great grandkids going crazy with excitement. Every Christmas eve growing up we went to my "mommom and pa's" house with the extended family! I love it when we're able to make it home to join in on the fun!

Stella's first Barbie...looks like Booba and I are excited about it too.

Checking out her first Barbie.

Second cousins, Gracie and Augie loved playing with Stella.

Hunter sacked out after a morning of playing and a yummy dinner.

Hunter had so much fun at dinner he passed out at the dinner was hilarious!

Out cold.

We have this on video...hopefully I can post it was hilarious! Mind you there were 25 people eating at this time, kids playing, babies crying and Hunter was asleep.

My grandma has had this "kitty" for as long as I can remember and Stella LOVED it.

Family picture. Yes, Stella has been crying. We took a HUGE family picture of 25 and Stella did NOT enjoy it at all!

My dad with my nephew Sawyer.

Me and my girl.

More fun with Augie and Gracie.

The cutest little reindeer!

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