Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance

 It's the dance recital that almost didn't happen. Notice the excitement :) She hated how the dress itched her and after a few tears and lots of bribery encouragement she decided she'd see what the dress rehearsal was all about.
 It was a little early to be peppy :)
 Pleasing mom with a smile. It may be fake, but I got one.
 Warming up to the idea since her friends were on board.
 Once this little lollipop girl took the stage...any hesitation went out the door.
 She loved the lights, action, and ATTENTION!
 Stella did great.
 Big KISS at the end.
 Most of her little dance buddies. They did great at the rehearsal but were stars the day of the performance. I decided to put the camera down and just soak in the fun during the "real" deal. I don't want the girls lives to flash before my eyes through the camera lens. It was awesome to just sit there and watching my little ballerina.
Kate, Ashlen, and Stella. They had so much fun and if she's still talking about her lollipop dance in a couple months I'm sure we'll be returning to Art in Motion for another year of dance.

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