Saturday, May 26, 2012

Schools Out for Summer!

 My sweet, nervous, stuffed daisy carrying, timid, short wearing, wispy hair girl
 with a unknowing
 Growing up! Now she's my confident, sassy, dress wearing,, bun styled hair, opinionated
 school-loving Stella. It amazes me how much she's grown/changed in the last few months. I can't believe another school year is over. I'm excited for some summer time fun.
 I know Stella will miss her girls this summer but we hope to have a couple playdates.
 Stella has already been asking when she gets to see Mrs. Amanda again. This girl LOVES her teachers.
 And Mrs. Merrily. Both have been amazing this past school year. Next year Stella will go 3 days a week and is so excited about preschool she is already asking when she gets to go back. We are so thankful for the Sonshine School!
And because I need a reminder that she's still my funny little girl :)


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Shannon said...

I love this post!! I'm so glad Ella and Stella have become friends. They are so cute together!!

Anonymous said...

sweet dress, love it on my bedroom floor