Friday, July 8, 2011

The Yazwinski Herd

 One of our favorite restaurants, Chick fil A, had their Cow Appreciation day. If you dressed up like a cow you got a free MEAL...the whole thing,drink, side and entree for FREE! So this "herd" put on our best cow apparel and "mooooved" on out for some good "feed."
 Getting ready to order.
 I had to include this picture...please notice Stella's doll...dressed like a cow too  :)
 Enjoying her chicken.
 Poor Emerson was asleep in her carseat when we got there and was very confused when she woke up...there were people dressed like cows EVERYWHERE. (For all of you that love girls in bows, YES, I know that bow is too small for the headband, but we seem to lose our big white one all the time and I didn't want people thinking she was a boy, so this was my next option :))
 Tom showing off his udder. We made a special trip to Tom's dad's office to get this udder  :)
Our herd. It was a fun little family outing! We might look silly, but it was a good time and we ran into a lot of friends too.

These are all phone pictures...just not enough hands to take in the good camera :)


"The Mrs." said...

Such a fun event! I am a new follower

Gina said...

Just saw the sign go up today that they are building a Chick-fil-a down the street from our house!!! Guess now I have to try it and see what all the fuss is about!!! But i'm not dressing up as a cow or any other barnyard animal :-)

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. The girls are so cute!


BJ, Shea, Drew, and Dax said...

Love these pics and lovin the long hair too!!! ;)

Ashley said...

Even though I don't like their chicken...I love this! You guys are very cool parents!