Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Preps

 Friday Emerson and I headed out for a little play group and egg hunt. It was just us because Stella was off making Easter cupcakes. Emerson wasn't sure what to do at first without her big sis telling her what to do.
 She finally caught on, but...
 she was way more interested in picking the flowers.
 Today Tom spent the afternoon (ok, not all afternoon, but it took him awhile) making these cute chicks from a picture HE found on PINTEREST :) yes, it's true!
 Tonight after Emme went to bed we busted out the dye and decorated some eggs with Stella. Her expressions were cracking me up.
 Doing it on her own and telling me it's not a big deal because she's big
 She was NOT pleased with the color of this egg when Tom showed her, so he put it back. Oh what an opinion.
And of course we had princess Easter Eggs.

I hope you all (ok, all as in my mom and dad because I'm pretty sure those are my regular viewers) have a VERY HAPPY EASTER.

What a great day to CELEBRATE our SAVIOR!