Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Donuts with Dad

 You hold my hand
When I cross the street,
You show me how to do
All things that are neat!
And just to show that I love you,
I want to share my donuts with you!

Earlier this week Tom got this fancy tie from Stella with the message above. Today was donuts with dad at school and Stella was so proud of her "invitation"
She gave it to him Monday and when she saw him on the news Tuesday morning (yes, it was an early morning) she said, "Hey why isn't daddy wearing the tie I made him. I'm sad."
 Well,  in honor of today's donut date...Stella was so excited to spot her daddy wearing the "special" tie. Tom even matched his shirt to his special tie. I tried to get a picture off the TV but my flash kept messing it up. Anyway, this little girl was so proud that her daddy was wearing her handy work. So sweet!
After the show, daddy came to pick up his donut date and they headed to school! Stella was so excited!

So if you happened to catch the end of KNWA Today this morning and were wondering why Tom's tie didn't look quite right, now you know. For the last few minutes of the show he wore a special tie for his little princess. Tom are a good daddy!

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