Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 For the last week and a half (maybe more) Emerson has been waking around 5:30. Sometimes earlier and right away she is on the go and into everything. EVERYTHING. My eyes are barely open and she's on the go! Anyway this was yesterday EARLY morning. I heard her in her room, but she sounded kind of muffled so I know she wasn't playing with her toys. Well, this is what I found. She was completely in there where I couldn't see her, but I had to run and get my phone to snap a couple pictures and she was on her way out.
 I love this picture. She's looking up at her baskets like she's trying to figure out how she got there.
 And later in the morning Emerson was "talking" up a storm. She was getting louder and had a lot to say. I turned the corned to see this. She was standing on the chair giving some sort speech. I told Tom I pictured her as some sort of politician. The the picture below is when I told her she had to get down. Lord help us :)

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