Saturday, April 21, 2012


 Stella was so excited to see Sponge Bob at Razor Fest today. I really don't know why because we don't watch the show, but she loves this silly looking guy.
 This is where Emerson was the entire morning while we were taking in the fun leading up to the spring game.
 Stella is getting so big...she's not scared at all playing on the big bouncies.
 Ready to go again
 We had been looking for the mascots and as we were heading out we found them!!! Stella was so excited to Sue E :)
And look who else we ran into! Cilla and Stella are so fun together!!!! I just love watch their little friendship grow. These two will be quite a pair in the teen years :)

Can you smell that? I think I'm ready for some FOOTBALL! Forget all the scandalous news surrounding our hogs...lets get ready for FALL!

Woo Pig!

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