Monday, April 2, 2012

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Headed to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and to hopefully see the Easter Bunny.

Enjoying a pre-hunt snack with daddy. Both girls have been daddy's girls lately, so I just took the pictures.

Emerson realized that she gets hot super fast so she was staying hydrated while Stella drew a  little sidewalk art.
And so it begins...the annual hunt! Stella got a few and then backed off and let other kids get their eggs.
I absolutely LOVE this picture of Stella cheering on Emerson as she tried to figure out why everyone was racing to the eggs :) Stella is such an incredible big sister.
Although she is not smiling in any pictures, I promise you Emerson had a good time. After a couple minutes she caught on and was filling her basket too.

Checking out the loot! Emme was still wondering what was in the eggs.
Of course the Easter bunny stopped by for a visit on the unseasonably warm (81 degrees) Spring day.