Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grandma Time

Here are more pics from my mom's visit. My computer wont let me move them so they're at the top of the post.

What do you do when Grandma comes to stop by the farmer's market,
you get new toys,
you show off....AND
you try new foods, you stay up later, you get held a lot more, you get lots of kisses & hugs, you don't go to daycare, you send mommy and daddy on dates, you dance, you shop, you swim, you see fireworks, you dress your best, and you remind her every day that even though she doesn't live next door...."YOU ARE LOVED BY ME ALWAYS AND FOREVER!" I love you Grandma, Stella.

Note from Syd...
Last week my mom was here so she spent as much time with her as possible. I think she even spent sometime in Stella's room during her naps and bedtime. She couldn't get enough! And while I wish Stella could be near all of her family all the time I cherished watching my mom with her this past week. Talk about unconditional love. Not only for Stella, but me as well. To watch people love on your kids is so amazing it's almost indescribable, but to watch my mom (who has always believed in me and never spoken an ill word to me or put me down, but ONLY lifted me up to be my best) was so fun. I know my parents would give the world to have us closer, but know God has us where He wants us and I appreciate that from them.
Anyway, my mom went above and beyond while she was here...she did everything for Stella and of course fed Tom and I a couple great meals and even helped me do some more decorating around the house. I should note that I only rearrange/decorate when my mom is in town :)

Love you mom! Can't wait for the next visit.

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