Friday, December 16, 2011

$1,200 Haircut

Ok, we didn't really pay $1,200 for a haircut. That's crazy, BUT Tom did make a deal with his viewers that if they helped him raise $1000 for the Salvation Army he would shave his head live on the morning show. He raised quite a bit for his online kettle, but here he is raising the bell at a local store to top off his kettle.
 Stella emptied the change holder in the car and went to town. I wasn't a fan of Tom shaving his head, but hey, it's all for a good cause.
Stella enjoyed ringing the bell. I do think she got a few nice folks to empty their pockets.
And here you go...proof that Tom's co-anchors shaved his head just before his vacation to Oregon.
I think this shot is Tom questioning his deal.
NO turning back at this point.
Here's the done deal! I had a better close up, but it wouldn't load. It's slowly coming back in...he's back on the anchor desk Monday so we'll see :)

Thanks to all that supported him. He had fun raising the money. He ended up with a little over $1,200...that's an expensive haircut.

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Sarah said...

What a good sport! :)