Monday, June 30, 2014

Dancing Queen

 This little ballerina stole my heart once again during her recital this weekend! The girl loves to dance. There are times I think ballet is too strict for her (she likes to do some crazy fun moves), but then she blows me away with her performances.
 This year the recital theme was Seasons, Stella's class was spring. Stella loved it. She loved it so much she has begged to go back to the same dance school so she can continue to learn from her incredible teacher, Diadra.
 Of course, Papa and Gaga came up from Oregon to watch their girl twirl.
 A proud daddy!
 My dad gave Stella this rose before they headed back to Oregon and she was SO proud. I mean SO proud!! I remember my grandpa giving me flowers after my dances, what a sweet memory for my girl too!
 Stella with two of her dancing buddies, Addy and Addison.
 Posing with her flower from Papa before the Finale.
 Hugs with Lily behind stage while the wait for their encore :)
 Stella's super sweet friend, Kaylin, performed the night before but came to Stella's night so she could cheer for her and give her a flower after the show. It is so sweet to hear her talking about that flower. Let me tell you a kind gesture like that DOES NOT get lost on my 5 year old. It truly makes her heart smile. It was so sweet.
 Grammie wins the prize for traveling the farthest to watch a 2 minute (if that) dance :) But she was so proud of Stella and Stella LOVED having her Grammie there. Of course the pink roses were pretty exciting too. It was so cute driving home with Grammie and Stella because Stella was talking a mile a minute about all the excitement behind stage and how she tried to find us to wave, but the lights were too bright and how she wants to dance this summer and stay with her teacher and friends and do more dances, etc.
So I guess we're in for more dancing. I highly doubt, she'll change her mind. And lets face it---non of us want her to stop because it's just so stinken cute to see her up on stage.
We love you Stell-Bell!

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