Saturday, February 14, 2009

Date Night & Valentine Treats

Stella playing in her exersaucer before we left on our DATE! Thank you Grammie and Grandpa for watching Stella so we could enjoy an evening together.
But before we could leave Stella grabbed a cat nap with daddy...she was conked out and we hated to wake her, but we had dinner reservations to get to.
Stella and her mommy (me) are very spoiled. The roses are from Tom and the other arrangement is from my dad/papa. He told me the flowers were for me, but the balloon was for Stella from her Papa (how cute!!)! And of course Stella has a card from every grandma...including her Great Grandparents in Oregon.
This outfit is from her Grammie for Valentines gotta love the bow!
It might not have been Valentines Day, but the night before was just as good (if not better to avoid crowds) to get out on a date. Stella sported her new outfit and entertained Grammie and Grandpa while we enjoyed a LOT of seafood at a local restaurant. But at the end of the night we were ready to see our munchkin again!

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