Saturday, February 14, 2009

Showering Andrea & Meeting Owen

This past weekend Stella and I loaded up the car and headed to Little Rock for a shower honoring Andrea and Reed(he'll be here in April). As always it was great to see the LR girls and hang out with them. It was a quick trip, but I wouldn't miss this for the world. Andrea is the one who started all of the wonderful showers...she is the queen of showers and loving on others, so to have the chance to do the same for her was unquestionable. Andrea looks great and there's no doubt Reed is ready to roll. We love you Andrea, Josh and Reed!

The whole gang. Andrea looks fantastic!
For those of you who know Andrea...know this is a funny pic. Andrea always wraps the lids to her packages and warns us not to rip it, well Lauren did the same for her and look. I love this look on Andrea's face. Below is a pic of Andrea looking at the scrapbook the hostesses made for her...Andrea (by herself) has made each of us one. It's hard to believe but this is her FIRST album for herself!
We surprised her with her BOB stroller...pure shock...
then the waterworks...gotta love pregnancy hormones!
Miss Stella passed out during all the excitement.
And you will notice this is a new outfit. Ifyou're a mom you know that means there was a blow out. Thankfully I brought another outfit, but as you can see Stella's new friend Owen doesn't mind.
We've been dying to meet Owen and we finally got the chance. He is adorable and oh so sweet. He and Stella were kind of trying to hold hands so we'll see what the future holds. However, there daddy's have very different opinions about sports, so it might not work out.

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