Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy 9 Months Sweet Pea

Digging for treats at our hotel in Omaha.
Getting ready to go watch daddy at the Naturals game.

As her top teeth start to come in Stella sticks her tongue out a lot...I'm assuming she is feeling her teeth with her tongue.
Look at those pearly whites.

GUESS WHO IS 9 MONTHS (I'm a day late, I know, sorry).

What Stella is up to...
1. Still sleeping great and she hates to miss a nap.
2. Eating chunky foods (she is kind of leary about some textures)
3. Swimming in the pool...she loves to just hang out in her floaty.
4. Saying more words...Dada is still her favorite and I've yet to hear Mama, but I swear she is saying duck in the bath tub (she has a couple rubber duckies) and she'll imitate me when I say quack quack.. She thinks its hilarious. Sorry Papa, I promise we're not teaching her to be an Oregon Duck.
5. Stella loves to dance. With all the news coverage on Michael Jackson there has been a lot of music and she loves to bust a move to the Jackson 5.
6. She has just (in the last couple days)broken skin on one of her top front teeth.
7. Stella is climbing on everything and sometimes tumbling.
8. She is very interested in Diesel (our dog) and he is still not quite sure about her.
9. Stella is very independent and does things her way..I have know idea where she gets that from :)
10. and most importantly SHE IS TAKING THE BOTTLE. She is weaning herself and prefers the bottle. I am still nursing at night, but sometimes she will have nothing to do with that.

We love you Stella and can't wait to see what the future holds. You have blessed us more than you will ever know and we pray God will direct us in being the best parents for you we know how to be!
Love you!!!!

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