Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Lovin'

The beautiful bride and my wonderful friend, Megan, gearing up for the big day.
Megan was breathtaking. For those of you who don't know Megan she is an incredible women of God and an amazing friend. I was so honored to stand up there on her big day as she married the lovely John Mark. I'm sorry I don't have more pictures, especially one including the groom, but it was kind of crazy getting the usual amount of pictures in with an 8 month old around.
If you are wondering where we are...Fairhope, Alabama. It was amazing and such a nice break for the daily grind of life. I forgot how magical weddings can be. God truly has great plans for Megan and John Mark.
This was the sunset right at the end of the ceremony..can you believe it?
The wedding started at 7:00 (which is Miss Stella's bedtime) so she was already zonked before the party got started. She did great though, but that is why we didn't get many smiles from her.

I just love my family..thanks for making our little road trip so much fun!
Last smile of the night.

We love you Megan and John Mark! Thanks for including us during this special time. We love you and are committed to praying for you and your new journey together!

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tara said...

love the family sunset pics! miss those faces! what a cutie stella is!