Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy 1 Month Emerson

I love this big eyes! I'm not sure they're has big as her sisters, but Emerson definitely has some pretty eyes too.
Hanging out with Mommy before Stella wakes up.
Watching Daddy on the news...very serious!
I forgot how much little ones sleep. We did a great sleep training method with Stella when she was this age, so I started it with Emerson and I was worried she was sleeping too much. But my sweet friends reminded me there is very little awake time at this age. And NO ONE wakes a sleeping baby. At least not me :)

Emerson lets me swaddle her but then I think it's her goal to bust out. She loves to have her arms free, so during the day they tend to be free, but at night they stay nice and bundled.
Stella has really been into holding Emerson more, but it's nearly impossible to get a cute picture because Stella doesn't want to look at the camera...she'd rather look at her little sister.

I love this picture. Stella has been an incredible big sister.
Emerson, you are a true joy. I really can't believe a month has already passed. For the most part you're an easy baby. You have your fussy time in the evening like your sister did (so I was able to mentally prepare myself this time), ha! You like to follow our voices, but your especially drawn to your sister's voice and you always perk up when you hear daddy. I guess you get sick of hearing from me :)
You are just begging to coo and make sweet sounds and everyone now and then I'll catch a smile. BUT you too are serious like your sister.
We love you sweet girl!

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