Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pucker Up Buttercup

Right now Stella is really into her "lipstick" from her princess kit. Actually, she's just into lipstick period. When my mom was here she requested it regularly and if I'm putting some on or Tom is putting on chapstick she wants some. This morning she wanted EVERYONE to have some of her lipstick. Here she is helping daddy.
Of course, Emerson needed some.
A girl can never have enough lipstick.
I got some too, but we didn't get a picture. I wanted to include this picture to show off her dress. My mom (Gaga) made this and I thought it turned out super cute. I can't believe it's so cold Stella has to wear tights and a turtleneck with it, but it's still cute! Thanks MOM!
Oh and yes, Stella got this whistle as a party favor at a birthday she went to recently. Let me tell you how awesome this toy is with a newborn. ha. I might have to return to favor one day, ha!


Rebekah said...

I LOVE that dress!!! Cilla is into lip gloss, too! She puts it all over her face! Awesome!

The Family Stone said...

Found your blog by accident and just had to comment. My grandmother was also Gaga. :) You have a beautiful family...and love the dress!