Friday, May 13, 2011

The Bases

My Mother's day afternoon was spent at the ballpark with my little family after nap time. Stella LOVES to go cheer on the Naturals and run the bases. So we loaded up and set out to meet daddy for a little afternoon fun.

She was on a mission and ready to play on the playground.

Cheetos for dinner...Stella didn't argue :)

Look at those eyes! This was Emerson's first Naturals game and she did great. It was pretty humid and sticky but for the most part she snoozed in her car seat!

Love those sweet lips!

Waiting in line to run the bases

If you look closely Tom is holding Stella. She LOVED running the bases, but I couldn't get closer because Emerson was in our jumbo stroller so I took a couple from up top, but that was a lost cause.

It was a great Mother's Day. I'm excited we were finally able to make it to a game this year!

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