Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of the Year School Program

This is one of Stella's best buds at school, Camilla! They were discussing the right motions to the songs :)

It was so cute how focused Stella was! I loved seeing her in action because I hear about these moves/songs all the time and now I can do them with her. Sometimes she lets me...other times, not so much :)

This little light is going to SHINE!

This isn't the actual performance but Stella was going to miss the last week of school because we were going to Oregon so they let me come watch a "rehearsal"

It was so fun and chaotic. Of course, once Stella saw me she wanted to sit by me...well, that defeats the purpose of me getting a sneak peek. Don't get me wrong I love watching all the kids sing, but I wanted to see my kid, ha!

I thought it was a lost cause, BUT once the music started and it was a song with motions...she ran up to the front and did GREAT!

We've loved Stella's school this year and are so blessed for all she's done and learned. The teachers are really little gifts from God.

We can't wait until next fall!

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