Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gaga and (big) Papa

I decided to make a last minute trip to Oregon to visit my Grandpa (more on that later) and as you can see the girls had a great time with their Papa and Gaga. I wish we could see my parents...a lot more...but the time they have together is so sweet. Stella is very much attached to my mom so it's always fun to see what they're going to come up with.

It was a great visit, but a sad one. My grandpa has been fighting cancer for quite sometime. Originally, I was going to fly out to see him at the end of June...but then I just felt the need to go NOW. Well, obviously God KNEW I needed to go. While I was there he was rushed to the hospital and it wasn't good. But in true grandpa fashion...he bounced back a little. Don't get me wrong he was extremely weak but he could still boss us around and give us a piece of his mind :) Due to the trip to the hospital, my brother and his family decided to come at the last minute to visit grandpa too. It was a crazy (4 kids under 4) time, but very sweet. Both Beau and I got to spend some quality time with grandpa. We didn't know it was the beginning of the end for our grandpa. He went to be with Jesus Tuesday.

I WILL NEVER forget my time with him. I have a whole post on just Grandpa coming soon.

So while my trip to Oregon was bittersweet....I'm thankful my girls made memories with Papa and Gaga!

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