Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We weren't expecting to see Hunter and Sawyer on our trip to Oregon, but due to Grandpa's health they decided to make the trip! SO MUCH COUSIN FUN! Hunter was so sweet with Emerson.

Stella and Sawyer hugging/tackling. Depending on their moods this was fun or torture :)

My pictures for the baths didn't turn out that great...but it was WILD!!!

My dad was in charge and a bit stressed taming the older 3 :)

My dad did this with Stella when we first got there and then decided the boys would like it too when they arrived...I think after 10 laps around the yard he regretted that decision :)

This is Stella with her second cousins. We had a cookout at my parents house and they came to play. Stella (2 1/2) was bossing around her MUCH older was pretty funny. They were so sweet with her.

Then they headed to the pool (it ended up being closed) but I just love this picture of Stella keeping up with them. She was so excited to go to the pool with the "big" kids. It reminded me of my cousin, Sonia, trying to keep up with our older cousins. They weren't as sweet to us though :)

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Anonymous said...

What are you talking about, we were so sweeeet to all of you when we were kids.