Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween...Super Hero Style

 My nephews are big into super heroes. Especially Sawyer. Well, when I visited them in North Dakota I did some pre-trip shopping and the girls were introduced to superheros. And WHAM...we had Bat Girl and Superman (not girl) this year for trick or treating!
 I think Stella is feeling the pleather here! Oh the sweet sass.
 And this hot mess was wearing a princess crown before this picture and it left her hair looking lovely, but I still think she's the cutest superman!
 Of course daddy joined in the fun and was Clark Kent. Emme still calls him that sometimes.
 We had a full house of little cuties, but I guess I only got a full group shot on my phone and I'm too lazy to load them. But this picture is special because Halloween was our last night to play with our besties, the Bealls. The next day, yes the day after pumping their kids with sugar and excitement...Sean and Courtney loaded up their gang and headed south. They're now in California getting ready to begin their new journey. We will miss them so, but we know God has an amazing plan for them!
 Showing off the loot.
Posing. Our neighborhood is crazy for Halloween. I mean crazy. I can't even explain it's awesomeness with words. Just trust me and if you don't believe me...join us next year for the fun!

Love y'all!

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