Monday, November 4, 2013

Keeping it Real: Those Reminders I Wish Didn't Exist, but Thankful They Do

 To say I love these monkeys is a gross understatement. They are my EVERYTHING. Their smiles are my sunshine.
 So if they are my heart...why do I feel guilt when I read something like this? Simple, I'm not perfect and I struggle too.
 But I will do ANYTHING to make sure they know they're loved, protected, and perfect in God's eyes.
 So while we were attempting to take a couple fun pictures at the park the other day...I was reminded of my own convictions. Just last year I wrote about getting away from the distractions in my life. Eliminating some of those screens, status updates, daily pictures, etc. I even wrote about it here.
 So while I look like I have it together on instagram or facebook or whatever other social media addiction...I'm not keeping it real all the time. And the LAST thing I want to do is hurt my little one's hearts, free spirit or innocence. I don't want to wipe away their smile because we're running late because I had to see what so and so was doing via facebook or make sure all my peeps on instagram saw their cute or "unique" outfits that morning. NO, I need to give them my time AND attention. To me that doesn't mean I'm just in the room with them playing on my means on down on the ground playing WITH them. Whether it be Barbies, kitchen, or super heroes I'm all in! I hope I follow through with my deal with myself. These precious years are going by too fast...all the other stuff will still be there.
 And because I always like to keep it real...Emme would only take pics laying in the leaves.
 Stella did NOT want another picture taken at all!
 And well, the sister shot I was hoping for....yeah this is it.
I really might frame this one because it's real life. It's my reality...I wouldn't change it for the world. So I'm going to enjoy it. I don't want to watch my kids grow up via facebook updates or instagram pics...I'm going to live in the moment and hold onto the real memories in my heart.

Love y'all!


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B said...

A good reminder for us all!